Dollar General Customer Service

Dollar General Store provides various customer services to increase the customer’s in-store experience by giving them better facilities and services and resolving the problems of the customers. Dollar General Stores has created different platforms to enhance their customer service. A customer can give his or her valuable feedback, suggestion, and ask any questions through the Dollar General official website, social media handles, email support services, and through the live phone call customer executive service.

The Dollar General Stores are a renowned wholesale store that aims to provide the best customer services to their customers. Dollar General Stores works to enhance the overall experience of the customer and try to resolve all the in-store problems that customers face at every visit to the store.


Dollar General Store website

The Dollar General Store can be contacted through the official website i.e. When the official website gets open, you need to click on the contact us button to give any of your views, complaint, feedback, and suggestion. You can rate the Dollar General Store services and product on the website i.e. in between 1 to 5 to give your overall in-store experience at Dollar General Store. 


Dollar General Store Phone Call Service 

Dollar General Store customer service can be contacted by directly making a call to the customer service of the particular area through your cell phone i.e. 1-877-463-1553. You can contact the particular number as per your location to the customer service executive to give your feedback, suggestions, and ask any of your queries from the customer care executive. The phone call customer service is available 24 hours and all 7 days in a week.


Dollar General Store Email support service

Customers can give their feedback, suggestions, and ask their queries on the email support service. The email support service is active 24 hours and all 7 days. So, you easily contact email support to get the instant resolution of your queries related to your in-store experience.


Dollar General Store Social Media Handles

You can contact Dollar General Stores through different social media platforms to give your suggestions, feedbacks and ask all your questions from Dollar General Stores. There are different social media platforms through which the Dollar General Stores are contacted like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Here are the following Social media platforms from where you can contact the Dollar General Stores: