How many dollar general surveys can you do?

Dollar General Store weekly surveys for their customers and non-customers to be aware of the in-store experience of the customers in the recent visit at any of the Dollar General stores. The customers can take the survey by using their recent receipt of the purchase and use the Dollar General store survey code to take the survey and can enter into the sweepstakes after completing the survey.


Each person can take the survey once every week and can enter the sweepstakes to earn a reward every week. There are no particular bounds of taking the survey, you can take the survey once in a week and four in a month and you can continue doing the survey similarly in the whole year.

The Dollar General Store allows their customers and non-customers to take the survey and participate in the sweepstakes i.e. a customer who has bought something from the Dollar General store and got the receipt from the store, the receipt will contain the Dollar General survey code to take the survey and a non-customer can take part in the survey by mailing in hand writing on the post card to the Dollar General store, you will receive a survey on the given address from that survey code the non-customer can take the Dollar General Survey and can take part in the sweepstakes to earn the reward.

There is no limitation for taking the survey for the customers and as well as non-customer at Dollar General Store but the only limitation is that any customer or non-customer can take the survey only once a week.

Dollar General store has set up some eligibility criteria for participating in the survey

Following are the eligibility criteria that are required to be fulfilled for taking the Dollar General Store Survey:

  • The customer or non-customer who is taking the survey should belong to the citizenship of the United States or the District of Columbia
  • The person who is participating in the survey should have a minimum age of 18 years 
  • A customer can take the survey only once a week

The customers and non-customers who are willing to take the Dollar General Store survey can take the survey if they fulfill all the criteria that are required. The survey can be taken once a week and can be taken any number of times as per the choice of the person who wants to take the survey.