Win a $100 Gift Card | DGCustomerFirst

Dollar General Store rewards gift cards worth $ 100 to the person who takes the survey and wins the sweepstakes. The $ 100 gift cards are provided to the 10 lucky winners of the sweepstakes.

All the participants who took the survey will become eligible and enter into the sweepstakes and 10 of the participants from the total participants are chosen as the winner of the sweepstakes and receives the $ 100 gift card as a reward from the Dollar General store that can be redeemed at your future purchase at any of the Dollar General Store.


Dollar General Store has set up a few eligibility criteria for participating in the survey. Here are the following eligibility criteria for taking the part in the Dollar General Store survey:

  • The person who is participating in the survey must belong to the citizenship of the United States of America or the District of Columbia
  • The customer taking the survey should be 18 years of age
  • A person can participate in the survey by buying something from the store and even not buying something from the Dollar General store
  • A person can is eligible to take the survey once every week


How to take part in the sweepstakes?

You can enter into the sweepstakes by taking the Dollar General store survey and can earn a $ 100 gift card as a reward for taking the survey. Some of the steps to take part in the Dollar General Store‚Äôs dgcustomerfirst sweepstakes to win a $ 100 gift card:

  • Open your device (Laptop, Pc, Tablet, or Mobile Phone)
  • Open any web browser (Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox)
  • Type on the search bar
  • You have to select your preferred language form the given options but as a default language English is set up
  • You have to enter the store number that is given on the receipt of your purchase after that add 0 then enter the date and time of the purchase from the receipt
  • Now enter the given 15 digits unique code from your receipt of purchase
  • Now go on the start button and click it
  • The survey questions will arrive on the screen with the answers, you need to choose the right answer according to your in-store experience
  • You have to answer the questions genuinely as per your in-store experience
  • When the survey gets finished, a new page will open up where you have to fill in your personal information i.e. your name, Phone number, and your email

When all the process of the survey completes then you will be eligible to enter into the sweepstakes to win a $ 100 gift card as a reward.


Frequently Asked Questions

How $ 100 gift card winners are selected?

Any worker of the Dollar General Store takes the 10 random names of the participants out of the total people taking part in the sweepstakes

How a person will know that he or she has won the $ 100 gift card?

The results of the sweepstakes are announced on the official website of the Dollar General stores with the name of the winners who have won the reward of a $ 100 gift card.

How the winner receives the $ 100 gift card?

The winners of the sweepstakes receive the reward that they have won through the mail at their given address. They will receive the reward within 6 to 8 weeks from the date of the announcement of the winners of the sweepstakes.